Reading milestone

I want to briefly note a milestone that happened yesterday that had me clapping my hands and hugging Ruby with joy.

She was interested in some words (on the cover of the ever-present Map Book). After reminding her that M-A-P spells map, she asked about the word “book”. I suggested she try sounding it out, never thinking that would actually work.

And yet, she did. “Buh, ooh, ooh, kuh. Boo coo boo coo. BOOK!”


Ruby is really starting to understand the art of conversation. She will even explicitly ask, “have a conversation?” sometimes. Her favorite topics are: her big girl bed, things we did recently, and things we’ll be doing soon. She also has a very caring (and optimistic) way of inquiring about how Steve and I are doing, asking about our moods and injuries. Some recent questions:

  • “How was your day?”
  • “How your working?” [How was work?]
  • “Your back is all better?”
  • “You are feeling happy?”
  • “Your arm doesn’t hurt?”
  • “Your watermelon juicy? You like it so much?”

Reading update

This morning, I did the alphabet puzzle with Ruby and she named all the letters, no problem. For most of the letters, she asked me what it was “for” (meaning, what words start with that letter). She’s starting to remember these as well. The first one she remembered and repeated later was T for Tripping (from her hockey alphabet book). The second was D for Doughnuts (from the doughnuts we had in Hawaii).