2010 Ruby Quotes


In 2008, shortly after she began talking, Steve and I started capturing Ruby’s funny quotes in a Twitter account (@areyoubewhy if you’d like to follow it). Here are the tweets from 2010 – all are her exact words.

My foot is Africa. My knee is Asia. Up here is North America. 1/5/2010
Pretend we were Ethiopians, and that’s why we came to this restaurant, because we eat this kind of food. Because we lived in Ethiopia and had an Ethiopian swimming pool. We love our house but the wolf sometimes comes & blows our house down. 1/18/2010
Let’s build a Torontosaurus! [Papa: “one that consumes all Canadian culture?”] YEAH! … what’s culture? 1/24/2010
Oong Goonggoong’s coming to Bebe’s house to stay overnight. She has been hiding from me. She I couldn’t find. I lost her. 1/29/2010
If I make French babies I don’t make milk. 1/30/2010
We should do what dinosaurs did. We should take out our bones and leave leave them out for other people to find. 1/31/2010
You can still do it even if my mind isn’t blown. 2/4/2010
How about we knock on somebody’s door and ask them their name and then they can say their name! …and if he says his name is Survivorman then we’ll know it’s him and we can give him his birthday present! 2/4/2010
Papa, you can be co-digger. 2/12/2010
[monotone chant:] Abraham Lincoln was good… Abraham Lincoln was great… 2/14/2010
My dream was about fishies, floating in the air. One was pretending to be dead – just pretending. 2/16/2010
Is that the blues? Turn up the blues, please. 2/28/2010
Today Oong Goonggoong and I are going fishing. When I don’t mention about her that means she’s sick. Oong Goonggoong has a special wood to cover her bedroom when she’s sick. Her daddy & mommy forgot to give her medicine. But now she’s better. 3/3/2010
Why can’t you wear regular boots to the moon? 3/3/2010
You want to hear what’s funny about something? Pizza sauce… can be called meat sauce but it’s not made of meat! That’s a funny joke. 3/4/2010
On a rainy day… macaroni and cheese… I feel good. 3/30/2010
The person in the back seat has fire coming out of her robot fingernails. 3/31/2010
No grown-ups can come in the club. Get out of there, stinky grown-ups! 4/3/2010
What a lovely day. I’m just going to play out here because it’s so lovely. 4/13/2010
This is a Charline brush. When Charline’s mad at me, I just brush the ground. 4/14/2010
I lurve asparagus. I’m an asparagus girl! 4/17/2010
I would wish for a real live pony with a rainbow that’s pink! 4/19/2010
You should have said, “Guy, I always play Frisbee, so don’t stop me from playing.” That’s really mean. 4/23/2010
I was dreaming to be a blue angel fish, and I was! 4/27/2010
I have one orange tooth and one black tooth and those are my bad tooths, and when I poke them into humans they get dead. 5/3/2010
I’m going to name my kid Nan. She’s named after Nan. I’ll name her Nan Ruby Fort Rubinskaya. 5/10/2010
Doesn’t this look like a real clown? I look glunny and glunny and funny. [picture] 5/29/2010
Space milk tastes like music. 6/6/2010
I have another house. It’s just under the green table at Papa’s house. Me and Oong Goonggoong live there. I’m her mother. 6/15/2010
Oong Goonggoong is a scientist and I’m her laboratory person. I help her with her experimenting. We sometimes experiment dinosaur bones. 6/15/2010
Do you know, that inside of my mouth it has gravity? 6/21/2010
But don’t go to Africa in the jungle because there are HEADEATERS! 6/23/2010
Up the down, and down the up! 6/28/2010
I want people to laugh at me because I like my outfit. Because we always wanna know that I’m a good person. I think my sunglasses are funny and the craziest. Everybody I hope will laugh at me. [picture] 6/29/2010
This time, it’s going to be a yanker show. In the yanker show there’s going to be lots of yanking. Yank! Yank! 7/10/2010
I love butterflies and I love me too. I love everything that has colors on it. I’m so happy that I got to touch a butterfly. 7/22/2010
Oong Goonggoong is on vacation and she’s stuck in a tree. I’m gonna help her because I’m a grown up. She has sap in her mouth. I’ll have a mask on so I’ll look a bit different. 7/23/2010
It’s a blasting off outfit. The things in my butt are fire shooting things. I like how I did it/I love what I did. [picture] 7/24/2010
Eenie meenie miney moe, ketchup custard by the toe.. 7/25/2010
I’m a baby unicorn galloping towards you. 7/26/2010
I was right here when I thought to myself, “I must wake up Mama.” 7/31/2010
I wanted you to have a sparkly card. Otherwise you would be trembling with fright! 8/13/2010
This is the LAST TIME I ever go pee! 8/26/2010
This is what I kill you with, and this is what I eat you with. [picture] 8/29/2010
Its so you don’t forget what steps are for. [picture] 9/2/2010
Oh no, we left a fart in the hotel room! … that’s okay, I packed one in my suitcase. 9/6/2010
I like to leave a gap in the curtains so that when it’s night, the night will come in and make it darker. 9/8/2010
Mostly in my dreams, I fall off a bridge and into my bed. One of my shoes falls first, and I’m wearing one shoe going down into my own bed. 9/9/2010
My outfit is yummy and crazy. [picture] 9/18/2010
I don’t like Justin Beaver. 9/19/2010
I had the blue stripe test, which is the last one. I love having my test and I hope I get my next test soon. [picture] 9/28/2010
The earth ends all the time because people die all the time. 10/3/2010
I like my face and it looks so cute that I’m going to paint a picture about it. [picture] 10/3/2010
We have a book about you Casey! 10/6/2010
I’m not happy OR sad that Mama doesn’t live here. I just keep doin’ what I’m doin’. 10/13/2010
I love nature, and I also saw a big furry tree with moss. I liked the tree so much, I wished the whole forest was mine. 10/17/2010
I have fangs on my closer to my lips and also I have all regular teeth underneath and my most favorite food is chicken. 10/19/2010
This a very well-carved pumpkin. I carved it all myself and she also put candles inside. [picture] 10/21/2010
We should put on a festival of candy and chicken wings! 10/24/2010
I’m gonna play paper toss, and NOT ON THE COMPUTER! It’s gonna be so much fun playing paper toss. 11/20/2010
You can look at the snow, but I don’t want to because it makes me feel like a snowflake. 11/22/2010
Do you know what magic pixie dust is? It’s magic and it comes from pigs! 11/23/2010
I was such a brave person at the park. I went over a big bump of snow. The other kids were so fraidy cats. I get the trophy. They didn’t. 11/23/2010
I love you Bebe. From Seattle to Thursday. And so, that I love you all the time and it goes through a pipe underground, my love does. 12/2/2010
I can’t wait to be a grownup, so I can wear disposable gloves. 12/11/2010
I ate two whole plates of French toast so Maia’s parents would be happy. 12/19/2010
Why do you keep sticking bows on me? 12/23/2010
I’m going to be a makeup artist when I grow up, and when I’m between shows I’ll explore the Arctic. 12/28/2010