The amazing islands of Perhentian

For five nights we were in the Perhentian Islands. They are probably the best place in the world. We had LOTS of fun, playing on the beach, swimming, reading. It is a paradise, with turquoise water, tiny sharks, turtles, and other amazing things. we saw 2 adult turtles, and there was a turtle hatching, so I saw baby turtles. We went on a snorkeling trip, and saw a tiny shark. We also saw 2 (also tiny) reef sharks at the beach. I especially loved swimming out to a platform they had. In the middle of the day it was necessary to take a break from swimming, and stay in the room because it was too sunny to stay outside. One night there was a GIANT thunderstorm, and it was POURING. Even walking from the cabin to reception got me soaked. We also saw MONKEYS!!



this was taken during a lightning flash at night.


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