New friends and a painting class

Last Friday we went to our friend Jill’s house. She has two daughters, Kaya, who is ten, and Kasey, who is six. Me and Kaya built a Faerie pool, and water slide. Jill is American, and used to live in Seattle, so that’s how we know her. Kaya and Kasey are half American, half Bhutanese because their dad is Bhutanese. We had lots of fun, and I ended up having a sleepover at Kaya and Kasey’s house, and in the morning we had banana pancakes!

20160626_123610 (2)

This is Kaya

I also did a painting class that day. The teacher drew an outline and I colored it with paint. After I left, he touched it up. I did the four harmonious friends. The shop was small, and there was also someone else painting there.

20160626_204548 (1)

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  1. Sandra Leroux says:

    Awesome painting Ruby! How cool to have a sleepover in Bhutan. Love following your adventures.

  2. Joan says:

    The fairies here wish they could dip in the pool and play on the water slide you and Kaya made. Maybe they will secretly fly over…

    Does your painting look like scenery, animals and plants you have seen?
    I love you! Bebe