little fishes and pet eggs

Yesterday we went sailing, and there were little jumping fishes! They were too fast to take pictures of, but I have one of Grant sailing. They were jumping pretty far, so me and Mama were wondering if there was a predator chasing them, and what it was.


It was really fun! (There was a possibility of us scaring them up though!)

Today I also got some pet eggs, also called Gudetama. (We don’t know how to pronounce it.) They are SUPER cute! One has a mustache and the other has a blanket made of bacon! The one with a mustache is my¬†favorite.


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  1. rubythetraveler says:


  2. Amber Rodgers says:

    I love all of these posts! It looks like you guys are having a great time and doing the summer right. Continue to update us on your adventures. And take care of those cute little eggs.

  3. rubythetraveler says:

    Those gudetama sure are cute. Have you given them names?I am off to the movies this afternoon as it is a bit rainy here today. Enjoy your next destination. I look forward to hearing about it
    Love Nana