An amazing cooking class

Myanmar is amazing. Yesterday we went on a cooking class. It was really fun. We made too much lunch to eat. We made rice balls in palm sugar syrup, tea leaf salad, chicken curry, vegetable curry, string bean salad, and tempura. I barely even made a dent in it! Last night as we were getting driven home from the cooking class, we drove next to the water show at the palace. It was pretty cool. We’re probably going to go back tonight and watch it and actually visit the palace. 


This is what we made for lunch (not the rice though)

IMG_20160614_135101 (1)

These are the rice balls in palm sugar syrup!

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  1. Steve says:

    Tea leaf salad !?! I’ve never heard of that. What is in it?

  2. Joan says:

    Which dish was your favorite? I’m curious how you made the rice balls. They look so smooth with no grain showing. Thanks for writing. I’m enjoying your post so much! xxx

  3. rubythetraveler says:

    We made the rice balls with sticky rice powder and water. We then rolled them into balls. They were really smooth. Then we boiled them until they floated. When we ate them they were like mochi.

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