New Carrier!

Now that I’m at home with Ruby, I realized it was time to buy a new child carrier. When Ruby was an infant, I liked both the Baby Bjorn and the Sidecar sling. Now that Ruby is bigger, though, she doesn’t fit in the Baby Bjorn and is too heavy to be supported by just one shoulder.

Faced with the prospect of hauling a stroller everywhere, I began asking people about the carriers they liked. This past weekend, Steve and I were on a getaway in Bellingham and came across a cool little store: Portable Kid. They specialize in carriers of all kinds (as well as car seats and a few other items). All of the carriers they sell are on display, and you can try them on. The owners and their kids are also happy to demonstrate.

We chose the Beco Baby Carrier in dark brown. It’s sort of like the Baby Bjorn, and it’s streamlined and as stylish as you can get with a hip strap (which isn’t too much, I know). It can carry kids up to about 40 pounds, so it’s a long-term purchase. After deciding on it, we bought it at Portable Kid, and I was pleased to support a new independent business.

Today, I took it out on its first test, wearing Ruby on my back (she can go on back, front, or hip in this carrier). It was great! All her weight was on my hips and I was very comfortable. I felt like I could walk with her for at least a few hours. It’s very exciting to have this option because I like to travel light (and strollers are not that). Ruby didn’t seem to mind riding behind me – she can just barely see over my shoulders. On the next outing, I’m going to try carrying her on my front and see how that compares.

So far, I’d highly recomend the Beco. It can carry young infants as well. It comes with a little “sleep hood” which supports their head when they fall asleep.

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  1. nan says:

    Hi: It was interestingto read about the new carrier. It surprises me “no end” the new inventions that come on the market. S000000 different back in my day.It sounds like Beco carrier is a multi way of having your hands free. Glad you are enjoying it and Ruby also. Nan

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