She Takes After Her Mother

I’ve been delighted to discover that Ruby has a real propensity for climbing. She has always liked standing up, and as soon as she could pull herself to standing, she began doing it all the time.

But now, her climbing talents are really beginning to shine through – she loves climbing stairs! As soon as we decided to let her (with supervision, of course), she attacked the stairs with relish. On each trip up the staircase, her confidence and agility grew, and now it takes her less than a minute to get from bottom to top, saying “up, up, up” all the way.

Most of the time, I make her go back down after she climbs up, so that she is comfortable with both directions. She’s not nearly as fond of “down, down, down” but is getting the hang of that as well. Her favorite part is getting to the bottom so she can then start back up.