State of the Baby, Addendum

I had a few things to add:

  • You can tell the seriousness of Ruby’s crying by the expression on her face. When it’s serious, her face looks sadder and her lower lip curls in.
  • Ruby is often quiet. Despite all the noises she makes (described in the previous entry), I’d say that she’s quiet at least half the time she’s awake. When I picture her, I picture her just looking silently at the world.
  • We’ve made the transition from putting Ruby in sleepers all the time, to putting her in real outfits most of the time. Granted, she’s still wearing pretty comfortable/easy stuff, generally one-piece things like creepers or overalls with a onesie.
  • When you carry Ruby upright so that she’s looking over your shoulder (facing backwards), she usually puts her near hand around your neck and holds on. It’s very endearing.