Sitting Ruby

We’re suffering through a heat wave in Seattle right now, but Ruby’s holding up pretty well.  We’re spending a lot of time holed up in the basement where it’s cool, and the air conditioner keeps her bedroom bearable at night.

A few days ago we tried Ruby in her booster seat, and to our pleasure we discovered that she’s perfectly comfortable in it!  This means she can join us for some civilized chatter at the dinner table.  She also enjoys having toys in front of her on the tray.

Ruby in her booster seat

We used this new skill to good advantage at a restaurant last night, where we had her sitting in a high chair for a little while.  The restaurant high chairs are still much too big, so I need to keep a hand on her to make sure she doesn’t slide out, but at least it keeps her out of our laps when we’ve got hot food.

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Just a quick tip. If you roll up a blanket and stuff it between Ruby and the back of the restaurant high chair she may be able to sit in there without a “helping hand”. I remember doing that with Serena and it worked great.