Odds and Ends

I don’t have the time to write very often, so here’s a roundup of my thoughts.

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate, we will be filling out Ruby’s Canadian citizenship papers so she can be a properly documented dual citizen.

Yesterday’s vaccinations didn’t seem to have much effect on Ruby’s mood or sleep, but they made her hoarse. It made me realize that she does have her own voice, because I notice now that it sounds different.

After much trial and error, I’ve determined that the “baby spatula” method of transferring a sleeping baby to her crib doesn’t work. Usually, Ruby falls asleep in my arms, so I have to put her down without waking her. The “baby spatula” is where you put your hands flat under the baby, so they can slip right out after you put her down. The problem with that is that on the way down, she’s not very well supported, and so is likely to startle awake. My new method is to bend down into her crib while holding her in my arms. Then, I let go of her feet (easy). Then, I use my free hand to support her head as I gently slide my arm out from under her head and shoulders. It usually works.

Ruby is very charming. Almost without fail, she’ll smile when she meets a new person. We were at a party last night, and she was happy and smiling the whole time (when she wasn’t asleep). She also performed her circus trick a couple of times.

During the week, I’m the one who gets Ruby when she wakes up in the morning (because I have to go to work afterwards). She’s always super smiley and happy, and often wakes up without crying. It makes such a great start to my day to have about 45 minutes of happy Ruby first thing. After she’s fed and changed, I take her into our room and she cuddles with Steve while I get ready for work.