A Baby’s Life

Ruby’s been having a lot of fun lately…

She’s gotten over her apprehension of baths and now splashes around in the water, having a grand old time. Click here to watch a short movie of her in the bath. (The movies in this entry will open in Windows Media Player.)

In one developmental milestone, Ruby has jumped a month ahead: she can stand for over a minute at a time. We’re helping her balance, of course, but her legs are strong enough to hold her up as long as she wants. She enjoys standing and likes to do it a lot: click here to see.

We’re still waiting for Ruby to develop the use of her hands, though. To this end, I’ve been trying to put toys in front of her more often so she gets the idea. She still hasn’t gotten very far, but likes to watch the toys swinging as she hits them accidentally: click here.

Last night, Ruby took a big step and moved into a crib in her own room. (Previously, she’d been sleeping in a smaller co-sleeper near our bedroom.) The night went without a hitch and she slept about eight and a half hours. It seems that the air conditioner in her room (the attic can get VERY hot) makes soothing white noise that helped her fall asleep. Here’s a picture of her crib, and here’s a picture of her napping in it today.

P.S. The antibiotic eyedrops are helping her goopy eye, which is looking better already.